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my new car!

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Maybe I should tell you about myself.  I'm from California, born in Oakland in 1949 and raised mostly in Berkeley in the bay area. I graduated Berkeley High in 1968..... can you say: riots,  rock n roll,  state of emergency??  Filmore West, Hendrix played on Telegraph Ave, and Altamonte......aaaahhhh!  The good old days!  In 1972   I entered an open marriage and followed her career from California to MD then ME.

I now hide in Portland Maine, away from all that stuff.  We only kill 35 people a year, try East 14th and 42nd in Oakland....and that's a good week!   Anyway, I like the snow and it's not that hot in summer,  the life here is good. I live with my wife of 26 years,  my son 18, my daughter 11, and our cats 2.
Update my wife has asked me to leave I do not want this but will give her whatever she wants getting divorced found a better job Nichols so I can pay for it  ........ will be staying in Maine around my kids will keep this ISP and web page for at least 6 years .

Good bye, Dev




I have worked for 25 years in Electronics : Data General, National Semiconductor, Fairchild, Microdyne, Rixon Sangimo. I have assembled, tested, inspected, shipped : computer's, telemetry, printers, terminals, test equipment, power supplies, electric motors, inductors, transformers,  (hard drives, and semiconductors in class 100 clean rooms) and have 24 mil spec certification's and level S clearance.

But hard times hit manufacturing jobs so.... I work in a dairy now and I'm happy. All the carrot juice I can drink and much better pay.....lot's of O.T.!  I love it since I can come and go as I please as long as the work is done.

I'm up most nights tell 3am and it's fun to learn and share on traveler. I like to help so if you see me I am all ears.
All that you see was learned in OnLive Traveler this page was made possible by my friends most of all jewel and front page 98

I love films on DVD  Groundhog Day & music on CD's have collected 1,200 in 20+ years .

All about my new car  about my computer  Rosie the cat at cape cod 

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